Roots Pre Primary

In their own building with a large playground, we welcome our two year olds into Grade RRRR, three year olds into Grade RRR, four year olds into the stimulating world of Grade RR and five year olds into the equally exciting Grade R.

Roots provides a safe, home-from-home environment that allows children to develop a healthy self-image. Carefully selected academic activities designed to promote social, emotional and academic development through PLAY and DOING are the hallmark of our Grade RRRR to Grade R years.

Your children will be in the safe care of four very dedicated teachers with many years of teaching experience between them. Mrs Sam Poustie is the Grade R teacher (assisted by Mrs Patricia Mabaso), Mrs Jill Lawrie is the Grade RR teacher, Mrs Sheila Neave is the Grade RRR teacher (assisted by Mrs Siso Tshazi) and Mrs Chantelle Bend (assisted by Nelly) is the Grade RRRR teacher.

We make sure that "free play" makes makes up a large part of the school day. Play activities are set out to allow the children opportunities to solve problems, to be creative in a safe, non-judgemental environment and to develop physically.

The Grade R's visit the College every Tuesday morning, where they enjoy media and computer lessons, alleviating any "big school" fears when Grade 1 approaches.

Roots children are taken on several outings to broaden their life experiences and to develop curious minds.  We also plan special family days and activities to involve all the parents.

We offer Playball, Kindermusiek, swimming and during school hours and Monkeynastix after school.  The Grade R children are offered sport after school for those that are able to follow a slightly more formal coaching situation.

Our programme covers all the pre-school concepts and prepares our learners to cope confidently in Grade 1.

We offer after-care to coincide with bus times so that Roots children are cared for whilst waiting for older siblings to finish school.

Roots Quotes
  • I can't watch TV 'cos I have attitude
  • We phoned the USA to see if they had any puppies
  • When you are on honeymoon, you don't get any food
  • My mum is even older than the government
  • Rain comes from the Sugar Mill. I have seen the clouds